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The city of Ti is around the 2021 watershed

Time is fast, with tomorrow's calendar torn off, 2021 will enter the second half, at the end of the first half, the sponge titanium enterprise quotation has finally risen from 68,000 yuan to 70,000 yuan/ton. February 22 this year, reporters and baoji several enterprise leaders have said that the price of titanium sponge "is not not up, is the dislocation of the rise, I think titanium sponge is stable, at most just a small rise. In fact, from about 45,000 yuan to the present quotation of 66,000 yuan, has risen 46.6%, although it is a repair price increase is actually up. In 2020, sponge titanium production will be about 120,000 tons, and it may increase in 2021. Supply and demand should be relatively balanced. Only the military sector is growing fast. If titanium tetrachloride and other raw materials did not rise, the sponge titanium price should be stable for the time being, even if it is estimated that sponge titanium enterprises' group 'to improve the price.

After half a year, the military market is indeed very popular, the actual transaction price of military sponge titanium is much higher than the quotation of 68,000 yuan, and the actual transaction price of civilian goods is almost a single discussion below the quotation, and the mainstream transaction is lower than the quotation of thousands of yuan. This shows that high quality titanium sponge in the military industry and other high-end fields "for me", ordinary titanium sponge products can only be discussed in the field of civilian goods. Why is the price of military titanium sponge very high, because the "quantity" of high quality requirements does not come, the natural price is high, which also shows that high quality titanium sponge has met the "bottleneck" is also the direction of efforts. And civilian products with sponge titanium can choose from a larger natural price. In addition, sponge titanium enterprises in the selection of military sponge titanium, the selection of the "surplus" part into civilian goods, can only be evenly mixed into different levels of civilian goods, the price is a single discussion due to different quality. Titanium sponge quality status: high-end shortage, low-end surplus.

In fact, this year's sponge titanium market demand state and 2004-2007 have many similarities, but the price can not break through 100,000 yuan, 200,000 yuan a ton, the reason is that the actual production of sponge titanium is too large. The reporter learned that the next few years sponge titanium production capacity target will break through 300,000 tons or even higher. This year sponge titanium output of 150,000 tons or so is a large probability event. In August 2019, sponge titanium reached the peak of 80,000 yuan/ton. Titanium micro media analyzed that "the market has the attraction of price rise, but there is no power to price rise". At that time, many downstream enterprises stockpiled goods in the range of 75,000 to 80,000 yuan, but later suffered a "Waterloo". Coupled with the restriction of the COVID-19 epidemic, the price of sponge titanium once hit 45,000 yuan in 2020, and many downstream enterprises suffered a "loss in stockpiling". Then, as China's economy revived and military fields using titanium high-speed growth, to this end, the reporter wrote the strong international background of the development of titanium industry in China in titanium micro medium, and a number of media published in today's headlines, and analyzes the reason of military growth), titanium sponge market gradually restored, titanium micro medium according to the upper and lower market supply and demand relations offered 60000 yuan/ton as the axis of price movements. From the second half of 2020 to the first half of this year, the actual price axis is basically consistent with the judgment of 60,000 yuan. The reason is that the titanium market is still optimistic, just need to grow obviously, but the sponge titanium capacity growth is also obvious. In view of this, on November 25, 2020, titanium micro media reporters put forward 12 words for the future sponge titanium market after conducting research and analysis on the upstream and downstream markets: "Neither crazy nor depressed, gentle forward." (Neither crazy -- crazy requires rigid market growth over the years; Not depressed - it should be said that the sponge titanium market is not depressed in the future; Gentle forward -- gentle forward may be the mainstream of sponge titanium in the future.

In 2019, the domestic production of sponge titanium was more than 80,000 tons, and in 2020, it was more than 120,000 tons, and this year, it may be about 150,000 tons (an increase of nearly double compared with 2019). This is why the downstream titanium sponge needs to grow more than 2019, 2020, titanium sponge price has not broken through 2019 80,000 yuan price. Because, sponge titanium actual production growth rate is too fast, and the downstream demand is not on the same beat. At present, the downstream just needs the biggest piece is military, and civilian goods is only gentle amplification. It can be said that during the "14th five-year plan", the titanium scene is still optimistic, but the market of sponge titanium is still "neither crazy, nor depressed, moderate forward." Although steel demand is increasing, the expansion of sponge titanium production alleviates the contradiction between supply and demand.

Here's a look at the price movements of titanium sponge since 2017:

In December 2017, the mainstream quotation is 56,000 yuan for class 0 and 55,000 yuan for class 1.

In March 2018, the mainstream quotation is RMB 60,000 yuan for grade 0 and RMB 59,000 yuan for grade 1.

In September 2018, the mainstream quotation is RMB 68,000 yuan for class 0 and RMB 67,000 yuan for class 1.

In March 2019, the mainstream quotation is 69,000 yuan for class 0 and 68,000 yuan for class 1.

In May 2019, the mainstream quotation is 71,000 yuan for grade 0 and 70,000 yuan for grade 1.

In July 2019, the mainstream quotation of sponge titanium enterprises rose to 79,000-80,000 yuan, and the highest quotation was 86,000 yuan.

In April 2020, the sponge titanium price for the first time, the lowest hit about 45 thousand yuan, and then from the end of May that year began to climb: 50 thousand yuan, 55 thousand yuan, 60 thousand yuan (60 thousand yuan stable for a long time). This year 62,000 yuan, 64,000 yuan, 66,000 yuan, 68,000 yuan, recently 70,000 yuan (the actual situation is still military sponge titanium transaction price is far more than the offer, civilian a single price is significantly lower than the offer. Titanium sponge enterprise collective "means" price - it's like the stock market every day in the morning call auction, just form a unified price, after opening, according to different product quality, range of impurities, different, customer requirements, the condition of enterprise funds, enterprise marketing concept is different, out of the substance to the freedom of a single business operation mode.)

The year of 2021 has passed for half a year, and there is still a long way to go in the future. This is an opportunity given to the titanium industry by the international environment, which needs to be carried out and cherished. In the future, civilian products just need to be moderately enlarged. The titanium market is generally optimistic. I believe that the sponge titanium market is still "neither crazy nor depressed, and it moves forward gently." Of course, the premise is to expand the pace of production is not too fast, otherwise, the adjustment of the market is quite ruthless. Because markets never believe in tears.