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What are the guarantee measures for the quality technology of titanium and nickel pipeline materials?

1. Titanium and nickel pipeline materials shall be qualified by self-inspection before storage, and then the self-inspection record, material certificate, quality insurance policy, test report and other materials shall be submitted to the owner and supervisor for inspection together with the inspection application form. Only after passing the inspection, can they be put into storage and used.

2, pipeline materials to implement the pipeline material control method, that is, the material receiving personnel according to the drawing to fill in the material receiving list, after the technical personnel check, the warehouse keeper, the keeper according to the material receiving list of the material distribution

3. The incoming pipeline shall be painted with color code in accordance with the marking provisions in time to prevent confusion and misuse. The incoming valve shall be pressure tested according to the regulations, and the unqualified valve shall be changed in time.

4. Set titanium and nickel pipeline prefabrication yard to increase the ground and preliminary construction work, and slow down the adverse effects of late tension. Construction machines and tools, materials and prefabricated parts in the pipeline prefabrication plant shall be placed, listed and marked in different categories. Organize special production of pipe support.

5. The acceptance and receipt of materials shall be carried out in strict accordance with the requirements of our company's quality system procedures. Materials without qualification certificate and material certificate are strictly forbidden to be used.

6. Make material identification and welding position identification.

7. The management of pipeline materials will be dynamically managed through the use of computer network technology, and materials will be used strictly in accordance with the drawings.

8, pipe groove processing using cutting machine or beveling machine, stainless steel pipe groove processing machine must be special application, to prevent "iron pollution" carburizing.

9, titanium and nickel pipeline installation in strict accordance with the standard, specification requirements of construction, abide by the process discipline, installation of directional valves, to confirm the flow of pipeline medium, is strictly prohibited reverse installation. The installation of pipe supports and hangers shall be carried out in strict accordance with the requirements of design documents.

10, each process shall be in accordance with the technical requirements for inspection records, time to provide supervision units, construction units spot check.