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The titanium elbow




High strength of titanium pipe fittings: the density of titanium alloy is generally about 4.51g/ cc, 60% of that of steel, and the specific strength (strength/density) of titanium alloy is much greater than that of other metal structural materials. High thermal strength: Titanium pipe can be maintained for a long time under 450 ~ 500℃, with high strength, but the specific strength of aluminum alloy is reduced at 150℃. The working temperature of titanium alloy can be up to 500℃, and the working temperature of aluminum alloy can be up to 200℃. Smooth surface without scaling layer, scaling coefficient greatly reduced. The strength of titanium pipe fittings is higher than that of fine steel, and it has good heat resistance strength, low temperature toughness and fracture toughness. Titanium products are mainly used for aircraft and other parts and structural parts as well as titanium setting equipment.

Titanium pipe fittings are widely used in chemical industry due to their advantages of high strength, light weight, good heat transfer performance and corrosion resistance. Titanium of these features make it a solution to the problem of chemical related engineering relative economic method, although the investment cost is higher than the general performance of titanium material, but titanium has been widely used in the field of chemical industry, based on life cycle analysis, using titanium pipe fittings can shorten downtime, increase by reducing maintenance, product quality and increase the service life of pipeline to reduce the cost.