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Titanium Material




The factory specializes in the production of various specifications for coating target: titanium target, chromium target, molybdenum target, tungsten target, niobium target, titanium aluminum target (atomic ratio, weight ratio), titanium niobium target (atomic ratio, weight ratio) and all kinds of tube target, plate target, round target.

Widely used in hardware, decoration, tools, ceramics, golf ball coating industry.

Brand; TA1,Ti:AL,Ti:Nb,Nb:Zr,Zr,Ni,Nb,Cr,Ta


【 Round target 】 φ 100×40, φ 95×45 φ 80×40, φ 90×40, φ 85×35 and other specific sizes.

【 tube target 】 φ 70×7× L900-2000mm, φ 89.4mmx7.62mmx1728mm,

φ 89.4mmx15mmx1728mm, φ 80mmX10mmX1728mm, and other specific sizes.

【 Plate target 】T6-40×W60--800×L600--2000mm and other specific sizes.

The company can process various specifications of target material according to the requirements and drawings.

Origin: Baoji City, Tiangu, China

Supplier: Shaanxi Kaber Non-ferrous Metal Co., LTD

Delivery: single weight more than 50 kg logistics: Deppon, Aneng, Kanglong, Huayu, Jiaji and so on. Rail express is also available.

Small express delivery: Zto, Huitong, YTO, Yunda, SF express, etc.

Packing: wooden case, woven bag, pearl cotton, bubble pad, carton, etc.