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titanium foil




Brand: TA1 (GR1), TA2(GR2), TC4(GR5).

Purity: 99.6%

Density: acuity 4.51 g/cm3

Supply state: hot working state (R), cold working state (Y), annealing state (M)

Thickness (mm) : > 4.0-80.0 (hot rolled), 0.3-6.0 (cold rolled)

Width (mm) : 400-3000 (hot rolled), 400-1300 (cold rolled)

Length (mm) : 1000-8000 (hot rolling), 1000-4000 (cold rolling)

Delivery status: mirror, pickling, cold rolling bright surface

Surface treatment: plate surface with acid and alkali washing, polishing, sandblasting treatment.

Surface quality: high precision, good finish, the surface is not allowed to have dark and local water mark; No scratches, indentation, pits, cracks, peeling, oxide, folding, lamination, metal and non-metal clamps, alkali washing marks and other defects.

Surface finish: clean, dust-free, better corrosion resistance service life.

Physical properties: Better elongation and strength properties, no deformation after high temperature, no cracks after flattening and bending.

Testing: tensile strength test, flattening test, hardness test, chemical composition test, high temperature tensile test, room temperature tensile test, bending property test.

Titanium belt manufacturing process:

Hot forging Forging process performed above the recrystallization temperature of a metal.

Hot rolling a rolling process at a temperature higher than recrystallization.

Cold rolling process in which the plastic deformation temperature is lower than the recovery temperature.

Annealing: A process of heat treatment of metals by heating them slowly to a certain temperature, holding them for a sufficient time, and then cooling them at a suitable rate (usually slow cooling, sometimes controlled cooling).

Pickling: Immersion of a product in an aqueous solution, such as sulfuric acid, to remove a thin film, such as oxide, from the metal surface. It is the pretreatment or intermediate treatment of electroplating, enamel, rolling and other processes.

Origin: Baoji City, Tiangu, China

Supplier: Shaanxi Kaber Non-ferrous Metal Co., LTD

Packing: wooden case, woven bag, pearl cotton, bubble pad, carton, etc

Delivery: domestic delivery, single weight more than 50 kg logistics: Deppon, Aneng, Kanglong, Huayu, Jiaji and so on. Rail express is also available. Small express delivery: Zto, Huitong, YTO, Yunda, SF express, etc.